After living and working for 5 years in beautiful Jackson Hole, I’m now based in Charleston, SC. My work is centered on the idea of blending fine-art with the preservation of memory, with a photojournalistic style guided by a trained, artistic eye. I’m captivated by the uniqueness of love stories, unexpected moments, and genuine emotion. 


I’ve been creating art since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush. In art school, I took a photography class, and everything changed for me. I was hooked. But it wasn’t until my own wedding in 2016 that my passion for wedding photography truly ignited. I understand along with my brides how truly important these memories are because I absolutely cherish my own wedding photos—loved ones who have since passed on, the beginning of my love story with my husband, each and every detail that meant so much to me. I’m fueled by creating this visual time capsule for my clients.


About Blair

My hybrid approach to photography allows your love story to be written on the timeless beauty of film, without missing a moment thanks to the efficiency and fluidity of digital. I edit all photos to match my film scans to ensure that no matter how many years have passed since your wedding day, your photos will stand beyond the changing of trends.

Editing with the End in Mind

My approach blends creative direction and photojournalism to allow your day to unfold authentically. What’s most important to me is allowing space for you to fully soak in the rich laughter, full hearts, and every shed tear of this beautiful celebration in your love story. I’ll effortlessly guide you through poses that allow for your personalities to shine through, and offer gentle creative direction to ensure that your memories are preserved as fine art, but so that your wedding day doesn’t feel like a photoshoot.


Telling the story of your wedding invites me into one of the most intimate and meaningful experiences of your life. It’s vital that by the moment I pull out my camera, you feel prepared and prepped so that you can relax and lose yourself in this chapter of your love story–knowing each moment will be thoughtfully preserved. In the months leading up to your wedding day, we’ll work together to ensure that I feel like an old friend by the time you’re in front of my camera.


I believe in...

Seen in

I’m lucky to be married to the love of my life and share two beautiful children together. Being a mother is the greatest job I’ll ever have!

My favorite people

I’m lucky enough to have been able to live in two of my favorite places on earth: Charleston (where I currently call home) and Jackson Hole. The other city that has stolen my heart is Paris. On my bucket list: the Amalfi Coast.

My favorite places

My love language is food, so I’m constantly trying out new recipes for my friends and family. I’m obsessed with my garden, and love how much easier it is to grow lush flowers and beautiful vegetables in the South than it was in the Mountain West.

My favorite things to do

I love curling up with a good book and a glass of bold red wine. And of course, during the warmer months, my family and I spend whatever time we can on our beautiful Carolina beaches.

More of my favorite things to do


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Blair Worthington is a Charleston wedding photographer who’s captivated by chasing the perfect lighting and stopping time through authentic and emotional wedding photography. John 3:30.