I am a wedding photographer serving the Lowcountry and beyond. My work is centered on the idea of blending fine-art with the preservation of memory, with a photojournalistic style guided by a trained, artistic eye. I’m captivated by the uniqueness of love stories, unexpected moments, and genuine emotion. 

My approach blends creative direction and photojournalism to allow your day to unfold authentically. What’s most important to me is allowing space for you to fully soak in the rich laughter, full hearts, and every shed tear of this beautiful celebration in your love story. I come to each wedding with an open mind and zero expectations, allowing the day to simply unfold as it was meant to. My documentary style means that I'll guide you through poses that allow for your personalities to shine through, and offer gentle creative direction to ensure that your memories are preserved as fine art, but so that your wedding day doesn’t feel like a photoshoot. 

I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband and our two children. My faith in Jesus fuels my life. In my free time, my favorite things to do include spending time with my little family, gardening in my backyard, trying a new recipe in the kitchen, or exploring our beautiful Carolina beaches and greenery.