Madi & Seth: A Grand Teton Elopement

This may have been one of my favorite weddings of all time. Even though I had to shovel snow to make it happen.

And I have to thank my tried and true process, because by the time Madi & Seth’s elopement day came around, all 3 of us felt completely over prepared in the details (location, timeline, trouble shooting, clothing choices, etc.) but also felt like old friends–aka, they didn’t feel like a stranger was shoving a camera in their faces!

2 days before their elopement day, it was cold, rainy, and upon arriving to the ceremony location, we had a heart-sickening realization that there was a patch of snow that had been sitting in the shade, so even though it was nearly the end of May, their beautiful ceremony location was completely blocked. But this is what I do. And as a Jackson Hole based wedding photographer, I am not at all unfamiliar with the unpredictable nature of Grand Teton, or really just Wyoming at any time of year. So, after getting to know these two amazing people over the past 6 months, I knew I had to do whatever I could to help make their dreams a reality. So I ran into town, got a shovel, and got to work! Thankfully, my husband also came and helped me shovel a walkway through the slushy spring snow so these two and their amazing families could access the ceremony site.

2 days later, their elopement day was absolutely perfect. It was sunny and beautiful, warm but not hot, with the wind rustling through the trees to provide the perfect soundtrack, there wasn’t a dry eye in the proverbial house (mine included) when Madi read her vows to Seth: “If you came to me with an unfamiliar face and a voice I did not recognize, I promise I would still know it was you.” I’m totally obsessed with the perfect simplicity of their day: the energy that only an elopement in one of the most beautiful places on earth surrounded by the most loving immediate family could give you.

What I loved the most about this day wasn’t the perfect lighting and model-worthy couple, it was getting to know the two of them and their sweet families better; the relaxed vibe as these two, so visibly in love with one another said their vows; getting to create in the best way I know how by a fun and relaxed environment between photographer (me) and couple.

Enjoy seeing a visual recap of Seth and Madi’s incredible elopement day in Grand Teton National Park!!!

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